Tuesday, July 20, 2004

All work and no play... *g*

No progress to report today as B and I went out last night.  We hadn't planned to, but B called me at work and asked if I'd like to meet him at the pub for a drink and a 'scratch-it' which of course I couldn't refuse. The scratc-it thing is something we started a couple of months ago as the newsagent is right across the road, however we decided last night that scratch-its are off as we haven't won anything for ages.

Anyway, one drink turned into another, followed by a deal (upon which we shook) that if we ate out again we would go home and do the dishes (a growing pile which we keep restacking but not actually getting all the way through).  Of course by the time we finished dinner, and trudged home, with me complaining the whole way about my feet hurting as I had worn my heels from work up the street, I really didn't feel like doing dishes.  So I managed to Sweet-Talk my way out of it with promises of doing them tonight as I cook dinner and that B could help me with what's left (or the mopping floor at least), so again we shook on it and now I have that pile of dishes to look forward to when I get home!

So not much point making myself promises of getting anything done on my textile of visual diary projects.  Having said that I do hope to get some work done on the wrap doll as this is something that I can do in front of the telly and I know that once it hits 8.30pm (if not before) that I will be settled on the couch for the evening as All Saints is on tonight.  Depending on how I go with the dishes, I'll see if I can get all the fabrics together and start on the fabric part of the wrapping, if not I might just start the armature and wadding stage of another one - after all I plan to make a family of them. 

Also at some stage I need to clear out the spare room so that Z (my brother) can stay.  He's just back from OS and is making the rounds of family and friends before settling back into work.  He's planning on staying a couple of weeks so I should give him a room rather than the lounge-room floor so that he doesn't get woken up everytime B or I (mostly B) start work early.  Will see if I can get any of it done tonight - I have a week until he arrives.

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