Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Good Sign...


I am finding that driving the freeway past the suburb where I used to live (and where my husband and my dog still live) is quite a challenge...  Up until now I've had no need to travel to that side of the city - as I'm currently living and working on the opposite side.  However lately I have travelled the freeway passed my old suburb a few times, and each time I've had to fight myself NOT to turn off  - not always successfully I might add. 

Last night I found myself driving that same freeway again and again struggled...  After pulling over at the nearest service station and making a teary phone-home call where Mum listened and I reminded myself why I did this in the first place, I turned the music up loud and bravely drove past. 


See that arrow in the picture?.... That's the arrow that I was faced with as came to the turn-off/exit to my old suburb... directing me AWAY from the exit!!  Talk about timing!!!!!!!!!

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