Saturday, June 19, 2010

Game on!!!!

  • List of open-for-inspection times - CHECK!
  • Print-outs of property details - CHECK!
  • Comfy shoes - CHECK!
  • Knock-em-dead-smart-dress outfit - CHECK!
  • Multiple copies of documents for applications - CHECK!
  • Positive attitude - CHECK!
  • Camera - CHECK!
I've got my game face on and am armed and ready!  Now I just need a truck-load of luck (because we all know this renting-house-hunt game is all about luck and nothing about the application you submit! - too cynical?) and I'm off...

...just have to make a quick but early stop at the farmers market at the end of the street - just to check it out - before I get going :)


Anonymous said...

I hope that you had a good result today.

Doreen G said...

I'm with you Sophie pushing all the other prospective tenants aside so that you get the first option.
Good luck and I hope you get something this time.