Monday, May 24, 2010

Melbourne, markets, treasures and more...


This weekend I spent time doing the things that I used to love doing when I was living in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and guess what... I still love it!

I love the strip shopping in Melbourne... particularly those with somewhere with cool cafes, interesting shops and a great 'community feel' about them.  Maling Road in Canterbury is one such strip...  with everything from fashion to antiques, homewares to books, gourmet foods and kitchen wares to the green green grocer on the corner as well as the obligatory cafes.  I wandered the strip buying only a couple of nice cards and a packet of Herbie's Spices Chermoula Mix for my Morroccan Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Tagine and Canadian Pancakes (with Bacon, maple syru, banana and berries) for my 12noon breakfast.... What a great morning!!

There are many more places like this - some that I have discovered... others that I've yet to find... and I'm going to start enjoying them again!  (BTW if you have a favourite spot in Melbourne and you're willing to let me in on the secret... please leave a comment!)

Sunday's were always my day for markets and so this weekend I did just that... I started at Wantirna Trash & Treasure with a girlfriend, joining the queues at at 8am (yes... they line up here to buy the $1.80 ticket to get into the market - which opens at 8am...).  J came away with a new vac and some baby clothes but I was empty handed...  J and I said our goodbyes and I continued on to Camberwell Market which is the market that I used to frequent.  It was late by the time I arrived (about 10.30am - I used to be there at 7.30am with the serious buyers!) but still had a lovely time...  I ended up with two not-quite-complete cutlery sets (but with soup spoons, and two sizes of knife and fork) for only $14 which will be perfect for when I find my own place in the near future.  

I finished off the day with the heater on, watching tele and crocheting like a mad-woman... (after spending several hours in McDonalds over one cup of coffee, making use of their free wi-fi playing Words-with-Friends-Scrabble with my Mum in Queensland...).

I have made a plan for the Babette Blanket... I've mapped out the colour combinations that I will make (still sticking with my original 4 colours) and am working on making the 2 and 4-round squares (sounds wrong... round squares... doesn't it?).  I'll then add-on to the 4-round squares and turn them into the larger squares.

I'm a planner... by doing this I know how many of each colour I will need and can be sure that I don't double up on the combinations too much.  Anal, I know... but it keeps me on track!  And before you dispute this Mum... I didn't say I was organised... just that I plan :)  One look around my house (or room as it may be currently) and you'd know that I'm not the most organised of people...

I'm now looking forward to next weekend and the treasures that it might bring!



Judi said...

you may want to change the color of your fonts, you can't see what you wrote it all blends together.

Sophie said...

Thanks for pointing that out Judi - can you explain which part of the page you can't see?

The posts are black text on on a white background so you should be able to see them... The links go green so I understand if they are difficult to see..

I admit that the links on the side bar are a bit difficult to read - I just haven't got around to fixing them yet...