Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silhouette Purse

Silhouette Purse

After the cryptic words of this morning's post, here is what I was working on...

Silhouette Purse
handmade zippered purse features a window of free-machine-embroidery over a hand-dyed silk background. This is the make-up purse pattern by Nicole Mallalieu.

I've listed it for sale at both Etsy and Made-It

Silhouette PurseSilhouette Purse
Silhouette PurseSilhouette Purse

There are a couple more similar to this one currently "in progress" and I have ideas for more as well...

Must go now though... We're off the Movies to see Valentine's Day (on Valentine's Day!!) and I've even talked B into having an Pizza at La Porchetta's first :)


arlee said...

Ahh, reminds me of when i first "met" you:} Wonderful!

Sophie said...

Thanks Arlee! This work is based on those from back then... It's taken a while but I now realise that this is my 'style'!!

I might play with other techniques and styles... but layered free-machine-embroidery is where I feel at home.

Nikki said...

Love, love, love it!!

ANd I get your 'talking book" recall when you look at something you made. I can often recall the music or radio programme I was listening to, or the book or movie I was thinking about as I sewed. SOme things bring back good times and others sad... I guess that's why handmade things are such a wonderful, personal thing to give or sell. They realy are a slice of our lives.

Sophie said...

Thank-you Nikki!!

I'm so pleased that I can do your pattern justice :) ...and that my ramblings made sense... to somebody at least!

Karen S said...

Those bags are gorgeous! I love the stark black with the bright warm color.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY sillhouette. Lovely.