Sunday, February 08, 2009

A sad day for Victoria

It's a sad day here for Victoria today as the full impact of the fires that began yesterday during our hottest day on record (47.9 degrees where I live) is revealed. The death toll is currently 65 and rising and the number of homes lost is approximately 700. The damage is breathtaking and the stories of struggle and survival have brought tears to my eyes on several occasions.

My thoughts are with those affected as well as those fighting the fires. I have been involved in fighting bushfires (I was a support person, not actually fighting them) and it's painstaking and exhausting work. All resources are thrown into the fight leaving little in reserve.

A friend of ours has a house near to an area that is affected and they evacuated last night. They've gone back today but are still in danger so we have everything crossed that they will be safe.

There aren't any fires near us at present - we hope too that it stays that way.


Anonymous said...

A sad day indeed. Here's hoping they get those fires out as soon as humanly possible so that no more lives are lost.

magikquilter said...

just horrendous....glad you are okay

tangles said...

Thoughts to all in Victoria
Our quit group has become involved in the beyond pink and blue blog spot ,rainbow comfort bags