Thursday, December 11, 2008

slow progress...

I've neglected my blog of late... Most of my thoughts are taken up with thoughts of our house that is in it's very early stages and all that goes with it (colour choices, loans, deposits, conveyancing, where we want power points....)

I am slowing getting the hand-stitching done on Sue's Japanese Quilt and only have 2 and 3/4 blocks to go. That's about the equivalent of 3 movies worth of stitching (as long as the movie doesn't have sub-titles as last nights choice did...)

I've also cut out fabric for 2 handbags and 2 zippered purses which I've been working on bit-by-bit. I'm currently up to ironing on the interfacing and have been grabbing time whilst I take a lunch break to do a bit. (I'm struggling between wanting to sew bags and wanting/needing to get the handsewing of the quilt finished). I also have a few other bags planned but thought I'd better not get too far ahead of myself!

So as nothing's finished and you've seen enough of the quilt, I'll leave you with a pic of Tyler - the Supervisor in her new and very UPSIZED bed!!



jeanamarie said...

that looks like a very comfy spot for Tyler :)

Erin said...

the supe! she still has that puppy look about her. what a bean. :)