Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bags, bags, bags...

I had a producteve day yesterday, working well into the evening (1.30am so I guess that's through the evening and into the morning!) on a couple more bags.

This time it's the Hobo - yes another of Nikki' s patterns - you know where to look it up by now!

On the go are 2 different Hobo's and I've finished matching purses for each. I hope to get them finished before Christmas but there's one more that I want to attempt and get into the post by Monday - I'm thinking the small tote so I should be able to whip that up (I'm thinking man bag... but that's all that I'm giving away...).

Pictures later. Right now I have a bit of work to do - yes it is a Sunday but deadlines are deadlines and if I want to go on holidays then I need to get it done - and then we're off to the city for a spot of shopping (or perhaps crowd fighting) while Bryan works. When we get home it's straight to the sewing machine sewing-sewing-sewing-sewing. I really am enjoying all of these bags.

Oh and I have 1 and a half of the motifs to hand-sew on Sue's Japanese quilt before we leave on Wednesday. And all of these bags and purses that I've been making except one, need to have the linings sew up (hand-sewn). That's 4 purses, 1 small tote, 2 Hobo's and hopefully another small tote - but they're all pretty quick to do. That should keep me busy til Wednesday.

Hmmm, I also need to pack sometime before then too.....

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