Monday, October 06, 2008


Yesterday... I got about 80% of the quilting done on Sue's Japanese Quilt. I have sore shoulders and a sore neck but it's a fair effort I think.

Yesterday... I put up the design wall so that I can display some pieces of work and get inspired. It's one of those big sticky sheets of ??... ummm... well it's kinda like a thin sheet of quilt wadding that's sticky on both sides - one side sticks to the wall and the other you stick up quilt bits and other stuff and it just stays... well mostly. I've already had a few kamakaze pieces leap off the wall onto the worktable - perhaps they're just telling me it's time I worked on them...

Yesterday... I joined Blogtoberfest. This is the brainchild of Big Cat of Big Cat's Emporium who thought it would be fun to celebrate the month of October with festivities and blogorific fun! I think it has grown well beyond what Big Cat imagined but there are some great blogs listed there - you should check them out.

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Yesterday... I cooked a yummy dinner - Lamb backstrap fillo parcels. Sorry, it was too yum to take the time to photograph it. I discovered the recipe (actually I combined two recipes) a few weeks ago and have made it several times since. The original idea was to try some new recipes, but it seems that each time I make this pact with myself I find a recipe that I like and just keep going back to it. Oh well, I did find (or make up) a good one :)

Yesteday... I discovered that Bryan didn't know what I meant by "deadly treadly"... I was mortified that a fellow Aussie didn't know this 'ockerism' (Aussie slang). I'd told Bryan that "I was going to jump onto my deadly treadly and duck down to the shops", to which he replied... "huh?". A deadly treadly, for the uninitiated is, the term of endearment I use when referring to my bicycle. I could have said that "I'm going to ride my bicycle down to the shops" but what's the fun in that? It got me thinking about all of the other 'okerisms' (Aussie slang) and 'Lanham-isms' (Lanham family slang) that I use frequently but that's a post for another day.

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