Wednesday, October 08, 2008

In stitches...

I have no progress to show, and no useless trivia of note and so I thought I'd share some hand embroidery that I did early last year.
The point was to explore various stitches and used an excercise from Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohns book Stitch Magic where you randomly select a stitch and a format and an arrangement to help you to explore hand stitching.
These are all 3" x 3"

Herringbone stitch - irregular - square (although not very square)Herringbone close up
Buttonhole stitch - irregular - square
Buttonhole stitch

Detatched chain - regular - haphazardDetached chain stitch

Eyelet stitch - regular - squareEyelet stitch - finished

Cretan stitch - irregular - verticalCretan Stitch

I really enjoyed these little explorations and will have to try do some more sometime soon.

BTW - The supervisor thanks you for you lovely compliments - she thought she deserved extra treats for being so special!!


Leisurely Lesley said...

Love your daisies.

jeanamarie said...

these are beautiful, sophie

CC said...

I love your stiching..and specially the daisy stitches..

Erin said...

I love these sophie. they are so beautiful-- the color combinations and the composition are simply wonderful.