Friday, October 03, 2008

Butterfly quilt

Butterfly quilt - in progress

Time to showcase another work in progress from the "On-the-go" list. This time we have the Butterlfy quilt. This was started sometime in 2002 (I think) before I came to Melbourne and when "pretty" and "country" were my thing.

This quilt has 12 butterflies surrounded by pinwheels. I've blanket stitched around just over half of the butterflies and have about 10 from approximately 100 pinwheels finished - although I have lots in various stages of development. This quilt will definitely take some time to complete, but I do intend to. As long as I keep the pieces 'handy' I find that I can make occasional progress.
Piles of fabric all cut and ready to go...Butterfly quilt - in progress


On another note, I've discovered that I can include pictures in my "On-the-go" list and so will gradually be adding thumbnails of each project - more as a reminder to myself of what's left to do.

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