Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sue's Japanese Quilt

I made some progress on the quilting of the Japanese quilt for Sue today.

I've been avoiding it for some time now, and after cleaning up the worktable (again) I finally took it out of it's safe pillowslip and edged it into the machine. I think I've finally got into the "groove" of it and seem to be progressing nicely. I'd already layed it out and had done a little bit of quilting, but at least now I have a plan and it seems to be working. It's still tough working with so much bulk!

Quilting Sue's Japanese Quilt

The other thing that works for me is audio books. They give me something to keep my mind busy while my hands are occupied with the quilt. They also keep me from getting bored and remove the drone of the sewing maching enabling me to stay with it for much longer than I would without. This is how I got through the machine embroidered landscapes too.

Currently I'm listening to Justice Hall by Laurie R King.

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jeana said...

it looks beautiful :)