Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gallery Review - Lumina

On my way home from work yesterday I dropped into Lumina Fibre Arts Gallery and I was in heaven!! This gallery is run by a friend who I did my Textile Arts course with and is also the gallery where we held our Mythomania exhibition in April 2006 (where I sold this fabric book).

Front cover

Lumina is retail gallery that "represents over 200 contemporary textile and fibre artists from around Australia". Suzanne also runs various 'themed' exhibitions throughout the year, generally in support of a cause (eg Breast Cancer, Reconciliation) or to coincide with significant dates (ANZAC Day, Poppies for Remembrance Day etc).

Lumina's October exhibition is Fat Quarters in Pink - a tribute to Pink Ribbon Day which supports Breast Cancer research. Suzanne has invited patchworkers and quilters to dress a little wooden free-standing dolly (approximately 12cm tall) with moving arms, legs, complete with shoes - totally in PINK!

Currently the gallery is filled with so many fantastic works with a 'green theme' - recylced arts (Suzanne had a great name for it but I can't remember it). It's like Aladdin's Cave filled with treasures. Suzanne has a dream job in my eyes!!! However the down side for her is that the business consumes so much of her time that she doesn't have any time to create - which is a shame when she's surrounded by so much inspiration and dealing with other artists.

It's definitely worth a look if you're ever in Melbourne.

Lumina Fibre Arts Gallery, 89 Waverley Road, East Malvern, VICTORIA

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