Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fancy work doily - project on the go

Enbroidered doily - Rose

I'm getting a bit bored talking about the Japanese Quilt and as there's nothing new to show you on that front, I've decided to dig out one of the 'on-the-go' projects for show and tell.

This fancy-work doily (I don't know what else to call it...) was started in about 1997or 1998 when I was staying with my Grandma. It wasn't really her influence that got me started on it(Grandma crochets woolen blankets), just that I remember being at her place when I was doing it. I think I just wanted to see what it was like...

Enbroidered doiley - in progress

Enbroidered doiley - in progress

Enbroidered doiley - in progress

Enbroidered doily - closeup

Would you believe that this is the back?... Neatness like this from a girl who struggles to keep her room and now her house tidy!! and yes most of my embroidery pieces are as neat as this.

Enbroidered doily - the back

And just because I wanted to compare the front and back,

This is the front...

Embroidery close-up (Front)

and the same section but from the back

Embroidery close-up (Back)

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jeana said...

wow - your work is very tidy, beautiful! I'm afraid mine is not... I think I almost revel in messiness sometimes :)