Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Exhibition Opening

The exhibition opening "Meet the Artists" on Sunday went well. We had a good turnout - although mostly friends and family of the group - and I received some very positive feedback about my work. People were particularly impressed by the two framed pieces below.


They are extremely difficult to photograph so please excuse all of the reflection. Hopefully you can see enough to get the overall effect. I will try to photograph them again when away from the bright lights of the gallery.

Winter Chill


Autumn Gold


Scattered Leaves

Scattered Leaves

Close-up of scattered leaves

Scattered Leaves - close up


Lex & Judy said...

These are incredible Sophie. Spectacular!!! I think my favourite is the winter chill...... well maybe.

Sophie said...

Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with them. I keep trying to decide which is my favourite but can't - they've both got different qualities about them that I like.

magikquilter said...

This is wonderful...am enjoying loitering around your blog and hope to interview you one day for our Artisans and Inspiration group on flickr if you are interested?

Sophie said...

Hi Magikquilter - Thankyou. I have joined the Artisans and Inspiration Flickr group and would love to be interviewed - Thankyou so much for the invite.