Saturday, September 13, 2008

And so the "On the Go" list grows....

You remember that bag of un-named samples, starts and tests that needs attention that I mentioned at the end of yesterday's post? Well I dug it out last night and it turns out that there's a bit more in there than I thought and so I need to mention that I also have 'on the go':
  • two (or is it three, or maybe it's four) handbags cut out to be sewn together;
  • a 'thing' that I started for the Melbourne Scarf Festival in 2005 (which I've just now discovered that it's no longer an annual event and has changed to "a Month About Making" - I have been outta the loop for a bit!). Perhaps I'll rethink what to turn this into...;
  • a 'utility' bag that I was making for a friend but that wasn't quite right so I started again and made a different bag for her instead. This one really only needs handles and it's done - just don't think that I'd use it. Perhaps I could us it to store projects on the go LOL!;
  • a 'quilt as you go' quilt using some fabrics that I dyed. I DO like where this is heading, but don't think that I have enough fabric to make it the way I had originally planned and so might need to think of a way to add some other fabrics to it to make it bigger. It's rusty autumny colours;
  • a stumpwork kit that's not quite half-way through;
  • a patchwork needle case that has embroidered panels throughout - it's cut out but not sewn together or embroidered;
  • a cloth doll that's at Mum's place part finished - she's in Queensland where I used to live and I left a lot of things at Mum and Dads place to 'collect when I got settled' down here in Victoria. I've been settled for some time now, but have only made it back home once and unfinished projects weren't a priority on my "need to bring back" list.
  • 2 bears (yes, I've even tried my hand at bear making!). One is started and is perhaps half done. The other, I've cut the pattern out but not the fabric - so I could say that it doesn't count, but I've added it anyway because I've bought it as a kit; and
  • an old fashioned 'fancywork' doily (I think that's what you'd call it). One of those pieces of linen with a design printed on where you embroider in running stitch, satin stitch and long-and-short stitch. The one I have is about placemat size and has an image at each end. I've done one end so it's half done. Perhaps I could cut this up and use the stitched end as a panel in something... can't see me using one odd doily or placemat.

So the list has grown, but it was good to dig these projects out to see where I'm at. I also dug out the cross stitch last night and discovered that I was closer to finishing than I thought. I only had the gold band in the lady's skirt and the beading to do. I managed to get the gold bit finished last night and started on the beading and one more sitting should get that done! Still don't know what to do with it though...

I kinda feel like you're all getting an insight into me:

  • I get bored easily and move onto other projects before finishing the first one (Mum would always chip me for this when I was a kid - she must be pleased to see me finish things occassionally) Notice how most of these projects are lengthy, time consuming jobs?;
  • I use to be into cross stitch and embroidery. I still enjoy hand embroidery, but I prefer my own work now rather than kits and patterns;
  • I've tried my hand at cloth dolls and bears too. I still like these and get drawn into the doll and bear stands at the craft fairs. I still get tempted by doll patterns but need to make myself walk away (that reminds me, there's another doll in a state of undress at Mum's place - one that I was making without a pattern - gee this list really is growing! );
  • I like quilts and quilting, but don't like the finishing part of 'quilting';
  • I started out with kits and patterns and now I design my own - mostly;
  • I don't always check that there's enough fabric/wool before I start and so have projects that can't be finished or need 're-thinking' in order to get them done (as in the quilt as you go quilt, and the knitted/felted slippers (I did buy some more of this wool yesterday just in case!);
  • I don't really like sampling or testing first and will often dive straight in and 'hope that it works'. This is particularly true with the felted knitting that I've been doing. I really should check that the wool felts and to what extent but I don't...

OK, that's enough airing of the dirty laundry. You all though I was clever and arty but now you see I'm not. Now I'll have to show you something fabulous to get you all back on side! (hahah)

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