Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Check out my new slippers....

I started these on the train-ride home on Friday afternoon and finished them on the the train on Monday (of course I worked on them over the weekend as well).


They are to be felted - hence their enourmous size!!!!!!!


This is the comparison - before felting and after.


The other is yet to be felted but the first took has gone through the washing machine on the hottest wash (90 degrees C) twice. It's still a size or two bigger than my foot but that's OK.

Of course I didn't do any testing first - who can wait for that? Certainly not me!! The wool I used was probably a bit (actually it WAS a LOT) thicker than the pattern asked. It said 10ply and I couldn't find any 10 ply. The one I used didn't have a ply but was probably more like 12.

Never mind. When I felt the second I'll throw them both in the dryer and see if that shrinks them any further. If not it still doesn't matter because they're comfy all the same.

We also went to the beach on the weekend. I walked and took photos and then retreated to the shade (and my knitting) before I got scorched. I wanted to share some of the scenery with you.

Pelicans - Indented Head
The pelicans were so good - they stood and posed for me for ages, changing positions occasionally.

This is the "Ozone" at Indented Head (Bellarine Peninsular, Victoria). It's a paddle steamer that was sunk to create a breakwater. B went diving around it while I enjoyed the scenery.


Aussie Jo said...

Nice slippers Sophie, can you post the pattern for next winter???

MargaretR said...

Those slippers look so warm and comfy and I love your photo of the Pelicans. i have never seen a real one, even at the zoo.

Theresa said...

I love pelicans-seeing one or a few around the Barwon river or in Corio Bay always makes me smile.

jennyflower said...

Wow, thought at first that these were a disaster similar to the non-tension square type I have....until I scrolled down! Have problems finding wool-wool that is cheap enough for me(a registered tight-wad) but have just had a go with tapestry wool which I hve been given a load of, not a TOTAL disaster. Anyway love your slippers, both efore and after!

Lynn Douglass said...

When I first saw your slipper, I got quite a giggle out of it! Then I saw the final result and thought, "Ahhh, I'd love to have a pair!" I've just begun to learn how to knit. Maybe I'll be able to do slippers by winter!