Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend update

Ok - I have to admit - I do like the bag. I put the dowel rod in the top and it gives it enough structure to carry well. It looks good and carries everything I need, including my crochet.

Yes crochet. This is another project that I have been plugging away at lately but not told you of. It's a felted bag (handbag - 'cause I girl can never have tooooo many bags!!). I haven't crocheted for some time and so I have had a few false starts. First I made the back/flap but what I thought was treble crochet, turned out to be 1/2 treble and therefore the whole thing needed to be discarded. Now I'm on the front piece and that too has been ripped out (in frustration I might add) at least 5 times!! and several more partial rips. Finally, after drawing it several times, starting again, ripping it out, redrawing and starting again (again!) I have the gist of it and have been going great-guns! It's actually quite a quick pattern when you get the hang of it (and after I had adjusted a few numbers to make it work).

I should get a fair bit of the front done on the train trip home (I did well on the train ride into work). Then it's onto the struggle of working out the rest of the pattern (the eyelets).

Next time I think I should look at the difficulty level AS WELL as a pattern I like!!!!

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Arty Lady's blog said...

Can't wait to see the finished bag. I just completed a crocheted choker, and after putting all the beads on the wire the crochet was very quick