Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trams are an icon of Melbourne

I travel on them frequently to and from work and to get around Melbourne. For the most part I enjoy them - you know where they are going (no detours as they travel along a system of tracks) you can cram soooo many people into them (not always an enjoyable feature) and you get some interesting characters travelling on trams.

Yesterday however I had an altercation on a tram..... It's OK Mum, I am alright, but it was an experience I don't want to go through again.

I was on a tram to the train station, only 4 stops and yes I did consider walking - seems I should have after all! I was doing the right thing and validating my ticketing and trying to return it to my purse, whilst talking on the phone, when the driver slammed the brakes on and I dropped my purse - into the stair well. Now I should also mention that it was peak hour and the trams were nearly full and I didn't have a seat. As the tram slowed I stepped down to get it, but didn't manage to grab it in time before the driver opened the doors. I was still trying to grab my purse before it fell out and ended up on the road, as the driver continued to open the doors - again I didn't get it and ended up with my arm jammed between the door and the step. By this stage it was getting painfull and a number of people had called out to the driver to close the doors so I could free my arm but he didn't.

Eventually I pulled it free and he closed the door when everyone was on. Of course at this point my purse is still in the stair well. Twice more I tried to reach down and each time the driver went to open the doors (?? I can only assume that he thought I was getting off??) so I ended up having to wait till the tram was moving to get it - not an ideal time.

As I was struggling to pull my arm free I couldn't help but think of the time my younger brother Zac (check out his blog Zac of the Jungle) got his hand stuck down the drain of our bath. It didn't have the little grill thingy on because our youngest brother had earlier got his fingers stuck in it an dad had had to cut it away from his fingers. Anyway he'd chased the facewasher as it started to disappear down the drain and got his hand stuck. Dad came to the rescue and after a few minutes of pulling and adding soap with no luck, suggested that he let go of the facewasher. Needless to say the hand slipped out easily. I suddenly realised as my hand was stuck that if I let go I might get my hand back. It didn't slip out easily, but it did work!! Thanks Zac!!

I now have a slighly puffy and bruised arm. The moral - if you drop your purse in the stairwell... it's just not worth it!!

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