Tuesday, April 10, 2007

House Hunting and UFO's

I won't bore you with the details but for those who've asked, the house hunt continues. We had a slow week last week, with only 2 to look at. We've appplied for one and have an appointment for another, more promising prospect his week. I have my fingers crossed and have promised to think positively that all will work out - it just has to doesn't it!!

I have started packing so that when we do get the word we'll be ready to go. In the process I have been sorting through my things and getting the workroom in order. I am making a number of piles:
  • Stuff that can be given away (to a good home) - Mostly fabric, this is stuff that I have moved twice over the past 4 years and still sits in the bottom of a cupboard, drawer, box taking up valuable storage space
  • Stuff that I could do without but would prefer to sell at a garage sale or on ebay - this is stuff that I would happily return to the collection should nobody be interested
  • Stuff that should go in the bin
  • Projects in progress that I either need to finish or undo, cut-up, give-away or otherwise dispose of;

So far the rubbsih pile is still quite small, the give-away pile is growing and the UFO pile is getting rather large.

On the UFO front I've uncovered:

  • a cross stitch started before I came to Melbourne, 5 years ago that is so very close to being finished. I've been working on this lately and now only have the beading to do
  • 2 part knitted scarves. I finished one of these last night and have vowed to finish the other before starting another knitting project - which is hard cause I want to make some knitted-felted (fulled) bags...
  • a quilt that I started more than 5 years ago (again before I came to Melbourne). There are 12 butterflies that need to be blanket/buttonhole stitched, before making up the quilt. I have picked these up on-and-off over the past 12 months in an effort to finish them, and still have 6 to go
  • A small quilt top that I made last year - a kit that B's Aunty brought back from America for me. It's sooo close, just needs a back and to be quilted.
  • My Japanese Kimono quilt that still needs to be quilted - I've started but think it needs to be pulled out and started over
  • 3 T-shirts that I cut out and haven't yet sewed up - really simple, only a couple of seams but.....

This list will no doubt grow as I haven't yet made my way all the way through the room. Perhaps I'll put the list over there in the sidebar and cross them off as I go....

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