Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Melt down.......

The computer that is!!

Yes, on the weekend the dreaded happened... The computer had a melt-down and crashed completely. Seems we had a power surge which made the computer a have "brain-fart" and forget everything it knew!! And in answer to yours and everyone elses questions, NO I DIDN'T HAVE A BACK-UP - Silly, silly Sophie, I know!!!!!!

This happened Saturday evening so B and I spent the weekend without the puter and only the dinasaur PC to get us by, and on Monday morning a very distressed HELP!!! email was sent from work to my puter guy.

Well he came by that afternoon and spent over 3 hours working on it to get it going again./

The diagnosis: The C drive itself was undamaged, BUT all it's files were corrupt (well, enough so that it wouldn't start and couldn't retrieve anything stored on it). The D drive was unaffected and LUCKILY all (with the exception of our emails and some minor stuff) was safe - and YES is NOW BACKED UP!!

As a result we have had to re-install everything, including Windows, and it is taking time to get back to normal. I did also loose all my RSS feeds from which I'd planned to update my links on my blog, so I'm starting from scratch.

I will say however that it was such a pleasure tonight to see so many comments following my weekend absence (it was really only 2 days but felt like forever) and I thank you all for the little boost that it gave me.

And finally in response to some of the comments...

To Mum (aka anon - why aren't you logged in?) - glad you got the bag and that you like it. I did consider keepeing it as I quite liked it too just kidding...

To Felicity - Good to see a fellow class-mate drop by - do you have a blog? could you email or leave a comment with the address please.

To Jo in NZ - Thanks for the feedback on the site viewed in Mozilla - it is now all white, with the exception of the text and a few lines however there SHOULD be a side-bar to the right (has it dropped down below?). I'll have to take a look although to be honest I am a bti clueless about what it might be.

To Clair and everyone else - thank you for your comments about my new look. It's growing on me. I would like to be able to widen the text area, but I suppose that it's set that way for best viewing at smaller screen sizes, so I'll just have to live with it.

Off now to continue installing and reforming the computer - almost there...

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lisette said...

hi sophie
my blog is www.textileseahorse.blogspot.com

poor you re computer but i'm glad you're back on line :)