Saturday, February 10, 2007

On my way to work...

I took these pictures on my way to the train station yesterday. I just thought they were interesting. When I downloaded the first one I noticed that there is a dog in the bottom right (painted) that I hadn't realised was there when I took the photo. Talk about looking without seeing!

Graffiti 1

In this one I like the way that the mens faces are done, although I have not idea what that blue thing is!...
Grafitti - Men in Red

I'm off now to work (play) on my first journal quilt. I noticed this morning that the next QU (Quilt Universtity) lesson is up already. I was assuming that we'd be working US time, but perhaps I'm wrong. Anyway, I'm not goig to look at it until I've worked a bit with the first lesson - I don't want to get distracted and side-tracked!

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