Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!!

I know, Christmas was two and a half weeks ago but!....

Today I received my present from B. We've both been eagerly awaiting the postie, only to discover today that the parcel had actually arrived way back on January 2!!!!!!!!! Yes the ever reliable (NOT!!!) Australia Post Contractor who is supposed to know on our door and then leave a calling card if we're not home DIDN'T!!! This is the second time in 2 months that this has happened. Apparently Aust Post are "aware of the situation" and "dealing with it". But had we not gone to the post office to check I'd still be waiting.
Anyway, here is my pressie, it's a heart rate monitor and a watch and does lots of other healthy excercise/fitness related stuff. As I've only just opened it I haven't quite worked out all that it does but I'll have time tonight during (and before) our flight!!

Yes today we are flying to Queensland for our holiday - and NO our room was NOT double booked and that was a really, really mean trick to play on me M and G. Perhaps I'll just forget to pack their Chrissy presents... (See you soon!!!)

And lastly here's a pic of the harvest from my garden that B and I enjoyed for lunch today.

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