Saturday, December 02, 2006

Peruvian Wedding Belt

This is a textile peice that my brother has sent me from Peru.

He sent me this for my birthday some time back (I mean my birthday was some time back and it took the course of several months and a number of different delivery routes to arrive). - He lives in Peru and works as a tour guide. Because the mail system isn't great and he doesn't really have a fixed address, he asked one of his lovely (Australia) travellers to bring a bag of goodies home and then post it on to us.
He tells me it's a wedding belt, but only part of it. I can't remember the full story but I think that it's got something to do with adding human hair (bride or grooms I'm not sure). I've tried Googling it but haven't found anything. It seems to be a Native American Custom but each is different. I did find one picture that looked the simlar (the symbols were the same and the colours were similar), but no info. If anyone knows anything please fill me in or direct me to somewhere I can find out more.


Zac said...

This will tell you a little bit...

Zac said...

This one has a little bit more about the symbols