Sunday, December 10, 2006

People definitely are creatures of habit

Nothing of interest to share today, so I thought I'd relay a little story about Friday mornings.

On Fridays I drive B to work at 5.45am. He works at a leisure centre (gym and swimming pool) and this is the open shift. What amazes me is the group of people that are always there waiting for the centre to open (which isn't until 6pm). It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray is stuck in the same day over and over again.

Every Friday, the same people do the same things.
  • There's the lady in the tracksuit who's always first and takes up position to the right of the door so that she's first in.
  • There's the guy who drives in in his white Falcon, takes the carpark across the road, drives prtway in, reverses and then opens the door enough so that he can see the white line of the carpark as he rives back in (you'd think that as he does this every week - maybe everyday - that he'd know where the carpark is by now??)
  • There's the lifeguard, who parks his little hatchback, lifts the back/hatch and finishes getting dressed.
  • There's the guy who parks next to the white Falcon who gets a glare from the Falcon drive as he pulls up.

This is all I see in the 3-4 minutes that I'm there, but it's the same every week.

B has the car today, so I won't be going to any markets (except the onedown the road to which I can walk). Perhaps this is a good thing and I'll get in and do something creative (and also because it's all smokey and hazey from the bushfires).

I came home with a stack of books from theop-shop yesterday. Some great kids books with pictures that I have plans for so I have start.

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