Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WIP's and other progress

Since the BIG CLEAN-UP, I have re-discovered a pile of WIPS (works in progress - although perhaps works in SLOW progress). One item that I found was a knitted/felted bag that I was making. Turns out I'd finished knitting it, and all that was left to do was to darn in all the loose ends, sew up the base and thow it into the washing machine on a very hot wash. And so I did just that and here it is.... (Oops I forgot to take the before pics) (it measures about 30cm long by 20cm high)

It's a good size, and the colours (orange and dark grey) have blended really well. I very pleased with the result. It just needs a nice big button cosure and it'd done (doing that tonight as I found the perfect thing during the clean-up)

Today, being my day off, has been quite a productive day - even if I have spent most of it in front of the TV with B. Each of us have been doing ur own thing whilst watching a plethora of movies, including several hours of special features from the Star Wars Trilogy, something call the Assassination of Richard Nixon and Cinderella Man. Star Wars (Episode 4, the first one made) is on the agenda for tonight along with a yummy meal of Kangaroo steaks and Roasted Veges. (Ooops a bit sidetracked there)

What I wanted to show you were the for new rusted landscape postcards I made today. B tells me that I was so absorbed in my stitching that he managed to walk into the room, stand beside me for a bit and walk out wihtout me even knowing - I think he's lying, but if he did, it'd be due to a combination of my extreme concentration and the incessent noise of the sewing machine at high speed.

The newbies

All 8 together (minus the rocky creek one)


carol said...

The bag is lovely, and I really like the postcards, they have turned out really well

neki said...

this landscape composite is very rich's wonderful all that expressiveness (is this English??)
that you are creating with stitches

neki desu