Monday, November 20, 2006

Where was I this weekend?....

I spent most of this weekend under piles and piles of textiles and art related STUFF!!

I decided it was time to get in and finish setting up the studio. A few weeks back B and I were passing the local op-shop and noticed this fabulous cupboard/display cabinet. Of course we couldn't pass it up at $45, delivered, and it has been sitting in our garage taking up space ever since. There were 2 reasons for this, firstly I needed to clear space for it in the studio, and secondly, we weren't all that sure that we'd get it inside!

Turns out that the hallway and doorways are JUST big enough to get this rather large cabinet through without dinting or scratching any walls or cornices, and without taking out a window (which was definetly NOT on the cards!).

Having successfully installed the new cabinet into the room late Friday afternoon, I then proceded to spend the rest of the weekend sorting and storing the bags of stuff that had collected on the floor since my last re-arrangement. I must have run out of steam last time, cause there were quite a lot of bags and boxes of miscellaneous stuff that had no place.

I am now happy to say that all "STUFF" has a home and the room is looking quite tidy and very useable!

As for creativity this weekend - I'm afraid there wasn't any. Actually, only a little. I have been working on a small case for small hand-stitching projects that I can put in my handbag to take with me on the train to and from work and at other spare moments. Whilst the plastic zip-lock bag does the job, I felt that I needed something a little more. I've used some of my hand-dyed fabrics so It's nice and bright and has places for everything. I'll post pics later when I've put the final stitches in.

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