Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arghhhh!! another cold!!

I'm home from work today with a yucky head-cold thing. Apparently they didn't want me sneezing and sniffling my way through the day at work and sharing my germs around.

My cleaning is progressing. I have revealed some parts of the dining table, and have been working on setting up some work areas around the house so that I don't end up taking over the dining room, kithcen and lounge room too much. I've created a "messy" work area in the garage where my dyes and paints are stored and have set up a table so that I can work out there. I'm also working on the office/sewing room and how I can make that a useable space - even toying with the idea of swapping the spare bed into what is currently the office, and making the bigger room, my work area. More work to go this weekend but I'll have pictures when I'm done.


arlee said...

Go for the bigger room!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands down! No regrets! Do it!! :}

Nicky said...

I agree! You can never have too much room for your creative stuff!!
And get well soon! Love Nicky x

Anonymous said...

On No.... there goes my bedroom when I'm visiting.