Monday, April 10, 2006

Dye Samples for the Workshop I'm running

I can strike this off my 'to do' list now. These are the sample pieces that are to go into the quilt shop for display. I'm quite pleased with them. The bottom piles are both created using primary colours (red/magenta, yellow and blue/turquoise). The top pile use magenta, turquoise, Jade and purple.  Posted by Picasa


Jo in NZ said...

This stuff looks great Sophie. I buy my stuff off a local lady, and she has gotten so popular that she doesn't have time for quilting anymore!!
She started out selling on what we call 'Trade Me' over here, like NZ Ebay. You might wanna see if you have something like that in Oz.
Good luck!

Maureen said...

I agree with Jo!
Sophie I love your rust fibre book on the Fabric art Journals.
now,make my day by telling me you live in SEQ.
WHERE do you do your workshops?