Thursday, April 20, 2006


Everyone in the northern hemisphere is talking of spring and new blooms so I thought it fitting that I show pics of our seasons.

Here in Melbourne it is autumn. The leaves are changing colour and beinning to fall. The air is getting cooler and the nights even colder. This is the picture outside the office where I work. This tree is estimated to be 100 years old and is heritage listed. I love the colours of the leaves at the moment. There are others that I walk past on my way to work that are even prettier - will have to take the camera along before all the leaves are gone. Posted by Picasa

Note: I should add that Autumn is something that I love about Victoria. In Queensland where I grew up the leaves don't change colour or fall so each year I watch the colours with awe. I don't I could ever tire of it - unless of course I a gardener whose job it was to constantly sweep up all those leaves each day, only to find a new batch waiting for me again. As it is those piles of leaves along the footpaths turn me into a child every time and I just have to kick at them and make them fly!


Julie said...

Lovely pic. Beautiful colours - very inspiring!

Caitlin said...

Toowoomba is so mild we don't get a lot of the lovely autumn changes - I miss them! Thanks for the pic!

Claudia said...

Very true Sophie. I recall my childhood, where we used to come to the hills and go to the parks and play in the leaves. Now I live in the hills, but we have mostly gum trees here, but many neighbours have deciduous, and the colours are beautiful.
I have been dreading winter, as the cold just gets to me, but now that the cool weather has come, it just changes what you do each day. We are going to buy the heater for my studio today, thank goodness, it's freezing in there!

Have a great weekend... Claudia