Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Yesterday was ANZAC day so yet another public holiday. It was a gorgoeus day (for a change) and so we took the opportunity to take the new car (B's new car) out for a drive.

Bit of back story - B bought a new (second hand car) that is very precious to him. It hasn't left the garage since the day we brought it home about 3 weeks ago. There are 2 reasons for this a) our driveway is difficult and he can't get it out without me spotting to make sure that the bottom doesn't scrape the concrete, and b) it's in such good condition that he wants to show it and therefore won't drive it in the rain or park it in a carpark. As a result we haven't been able to go out in it cause the days we've both been home recently have been couldy rainy days.

Anyway, we had a good drive yesterday, up the back way to Lorne. It was a lovely scenic drive (we usually drive along the Great Ocean Road). Along the way we passed through Deans Marsh - another lovely little town I'd never been to and decided we'd stop on our way back, which we did. We had lunch in the local cafe/pub/convenience store/second hand shop, then walked around to the Sacred Moon Gallery which had a few textile works by Lyn Dixon (mostly landscapes with applied fabrics and free motion machine mebroidery) which I particularly liked.

We did attempt to go the Gentle Annie Berry Farm where you can pick your own berries, however the access road is dirt and the new car wasn't going on that - perhaps I'll take myself back there next weekend.

At home I put on a pot of soup - which I'd planned the day before when it was definitly soup weather - which turned out beautifully. Good thing too as there are nearly 10 more serves in the freezer - that means a stash of lazy meals!, healthy lazy meals!!

LAst night, to finish off our day we went to see the new movie Kakoda. Now I'm not a big war movie fan but I did enjoy it - even if I did end up sobbing for the last part.

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