Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today was a good mail day!!!!

This is what the postie brought me today... Thre fabulous envelopes of goodies.

This is an eBay bargain that I bought last week. Check out the envelope - decorated just for me!!!

And this is my first postcard received from Group 15 - a group of 25 of us exchanging postcards over the next 6 months. This one is from AnnMarie. and this is the back - she even decorated that too!!


Caitlin said...

And the postcard made it through the mail ok! The last one I got from the USA had been picked OPEN by customs - with a big yellow sticker slapped across the front to tell me so!

ooooo, dyeing CD!!! Much fun!

wendy said...

Ooooo yum, the batik book, thats something i havent done in a while

Holly said...

Oh you gotta love a good mail day! You are into such yummy stuff .... makes me want to go play more with my fabric dyeing. Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you a great weekend!

vickyth said...

Oh! Lucky you! I got bills....

Had a great mail day of a similar sort last week, though!

Nice, isn't it? Starts your creative energies pumping in an ever-so-wonderful way!