Friday, March 10, 2006

There's gremlins in the remote!!

I just had the strangest experience. I was sitting in the lounge room reading about a weeks worth of blog updates when I decided that the aircon was getting a bit too cool. Our aircon has a remote where you can control the temp, so as I was attempting to change the settings, I somehow managed to turn the telly on! Admittedl the aircon remote was facing the telly and not the aircon as it should have been but I’ve never seen that happen before. The funniest part (B did not find it in the least bit funny, but I was having a good ‘ol giggle) was that it was not just a freakish, on-off thing. I could actually change channels with it as well. Only thing it doesn’t do is turn the telly off, so now I have to get up anyway – kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it!!

Oh and I’ve just realized that this is my 300th post. Go figure… this is primarily a textile blog and my 300th post has nothing to do with textiles – unless you count the fact that it was textile blogs that I was reading at the time of the little gremlin encounter…

And another thing… when I checked my stats just before, I am 3 visitors short of 5000!!!! I am sooooo impressed. I remember not all that long ago being happy with numbers nearing 100 and having no more than 5 visitors a week. Now it’s more like 15-20 visitors a day (depending on how good I’ve been with my posting) and 5000 (-3) visitors. Thanks guys for your visits and comments!!!!

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