Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a great weekend!!

My weekend away with the girls was great. There were 65 of us in total aged between 22 and 80 (ish). I was amazed that a group of such varied ages could get along so well. There were no whingers, no problems, just a great group of people all out for a fun weekend. Of the 65 I knew only 3 at the beginning but got along well with everybody - just don't ask me to give names cause I don't remember them all!!!

Anyway having spent the weekend away and most of last week locked in a room training, I feel like I've lost touch with my textiles and blogger friends. I turned on the computer when I got home to find 218 new items in my bloglines notifier!!!

This week I've got to try and catch up on the classes that I've been doing....
  • I've missed a week of my rust and clay dyeing class because I'm still waiting on my order of clays and stuff to arrive. I can however move onto the next class as I have all the ingredients for that (iron oxides)
  • I'm up to date with the fabric collage class. The next lesson should go online tonight (Aus time) and so I'll be able to give that a go this weekend
  • The 3-D dolls class needs some work though. Each lesson builds on the previous so I really need to get in and work on that one.

Luckily I have a 3 day weekend coming up - although I've already cut it short by offering to do the kitchen shift on Saturday pm and was booked to do the other job on Friday. I'm gonna try to combine the two so I can keep Friday and Sunday free. I get greedy about my weekends. As much as I enjoyed my weekend away, I do feel like I've lost a weekend. It's not like I have a time frame it's just that I want time to create. Speaking of which - best get back to work so I can earn the money to buy things to create with and to earn the time in which to create!!!!

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