Sunday, January 22, 2006

Play day


I had a great day yesterday. I got together with 3 other girls who I went to school with at Mels place and she taught us marbling. It was a very pleasant day and a great chance to play with a technque that I've admired but not tried on fabric before (did it at highschool once but not very successfully). These samples are all about 6x4 - perfect for postcards!!

Today I was going to do some dyeing however the heat (currently 42 degrees celcius - 107 degrees farenheit) and seeing that I would need to do it outside or in the garage, I opted to stay inside. It's the type of heat where breathing is difficult and the air feels like it's burning your skin even when you're standing in the shade. But being Melbourne, it shan't last long, with a cool change expecte this evening. As a result I have done nothing but reading. I'm going to turn the puter off now and perhaps do some drawing using one of my new books for inspiration. Perhaps when it cools a little this afternoon we might go to the beach for a swim but not til the temp drops.

Edit - it finally did cool down enough to go for that swim. The water was cold even with a wetsuit!! On our way out we listened to reports of fires in the area and could see the plumes of smoke covering the whole sky. On our way home we detoured out to a spot where we could see them (from some distance away), and could see the red glow rise as the flames rose from behind hill crests and peeked over the top. Bushfires spark an interest in me. It's a combination of aware for the flames and power and fear of the destruction. I've worked near/with bushfires in the past but B had never seen once so we sat for a few hours just watching (at night you can actually see the flames)


arlee said...

oooooooooooo like the blue and purple and the deep coloured ones----very cool!

Claire said...

I'm gonna try that one day! Yours are beautiful :-) We have a combination of heat AND smoke out here in the valley. We escaped down to the coast this afternoon, a few dips in Bass Strait made it better though.

Maureen said...

Oh, isn't marbling such fun to do. A real play day! Lovely stuff you achieved.