Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Australia!!!!

Today is Australia Day - the day we Aussies celebrate th birth of our nation. Traditional we celebrate with a day off from work, BBQ's and alcohol - predominantly beer!!. Where I group up Australia Day was celebrated with a street parade which culminated in the "Beef 'n' Beer Festival". This usually entailed a spit roast, the beer tent (as we kids knew it), the Lions Club Merry go round, face-painting and a talent contest.

This year however Victoria is threatened by major bushfires burning out of control and with a warm and windy weather predicted the fire services will have tough day ahead.

We went for a drive yesterday to see where the fires have been but as they were still burning many of the roads were closed. We did get to one area where they were mopping up and it was quite amazing to see the destruction - I can never quite fathom the power a fire has.

Several houses and sheds had been destroyed and for most of them all that was left was the corrugated iron roofs bent and crumpled on the ground and the brick fireplace and chimney. Then there was what was left of the bush. The fire had swept through with such heat that much of the bush had been completely burnt - I liken the remnants to a bald head with a few spikey hairs (tree trunks) still standing.

This article tells more. Hopefully today will not bring the devastation that they are expecting (fingers crossed)

Oh and I can't leave without commenting on the champion effort of those out there fighting the fires for us. On our drive yesterday somebody had made a sign that really summed it up - it gave me goosebumps. It read:

Thanks Fireys!! You guys ROCK!!!!


arlee said...

Amazing photos Soph! And yes, it's HORRENDOUS what a fire can do---a couple of years ago in BC, we had an awful fire season in the mountains---the scariest thing to drive through and with so much smoke not be able to SEE THE MOUNTAINS at all----makes you feel VERY small and VERY took us an extra day to get home and it was frightening driving through the pockets of flame, ash and smoke....

arlee said...

OH and Happy Birthday Australia!!! :}