Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Artists Way

My Artists Way (TAW) exploration has fallen a bit by the wayside this week. I can get motivated to do the morning pages (a 3 page dump of anything that comes into your head) on the weekend, but can't seem to make them happen on the days that I work. On those days I get up and have only one thing in mind - getting ready and at the station on time! Perhaps I need to adjust my schedule a little. I can't get up andy earlier (already 5am and dark as it is), but maybe I could do the MP's on the train or look at doing them in the evenings on work days.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

I did morning pages for a couple of years - but not always in the mornings! It's really HARD when you're Not A Morning Person to get out the door, let alone do the three pages... good luck!

Melly said...

give yourself permission to do it the way that works FOR YOU!!!
It won't happen otherwise!

arlee said...

So *pretend* it's morning when ya do 'em! I'm inclined to agree with Melly, just do when ya can! This of course does *not* mean you should spend a day catching up with it like i do :}