Thursday, December 08, 2005

Diamond windows - closeup of biding

I've finally finished my quilt!!!

Thanks to everyone's advice I managed to achieve what I originally wanted and have used the purples to bind it. And I think it works really well if I do say so myself!


Maureen said...

Oh my goodness! An up to date Jane Austen quilt! Now I've had my tease its lovely, lively, bright and lots of pointy points. Binding looks good too!

Sophie said...

Yes it is (or was) a Jane Austin quilt, but I wanted to lend my own 'Sophieness' to it by using my own hand-dyed fabrics - oh and when I started it I wasn't in a position to spend too much on fabric.

And the pointy points... look good from a distance but in some spots they don't quite line up so perfectly - but hey, that just adds to the 'Sophieness' of it!!