Thursday, November 24, 2005

Quilting and UFO's...

I have taken an interest in quilting of late (I know, handbags, quilting, what's next I hear you asking...). I did a class with B's Aunty about 3 months ago and have been doing bits on that lately. Normal quilting really isn't my thing, but art quilts on the other hand I do find exciting. This one is a traditional one, but I have also been playing with some non-traditional quilting techniques and am thinking about making this a double sided quilt - one side traditional and the other non-traditional... That way I get to experiment as well as learn basic quilting skills.

So I currently have the sewing machine set up on the dining table, the ironing board nearby and all my blocks layed out on the lounge room floor and do little bets when I get time. Figure at this rate I should get the traditional side done by christmas... next year... kidding!!! I mean I'm working on getting it done by Christmas so that I get it out of the way. (Wishfull thinking perhaps, but I have been putting my mind to it lately - stayed up till 2am last weekend sewing without even realising, so it may just happen!)

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