Wednesday, April 13, 2005

They worked!!!!!!!!!

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These are the scarves that I worked on on the weekend. A good result at last!!

And my theory that I mentioned yesterday worked! The two on the bottom row, on the left, are the ones that I put into a turquoise dye yesterday. The middle bottom one, really proves my theory. The pink spots in the middle were dyed in the first dyeing, and have kept their colour. They weren't masked at all, so the only answer is that the fibres can't react with anymore dye and thus keep their colour. The one on the left (bottom) had some lighter pink/purple sections, and those took a bit more dye, making them more purple, which still looks fine.

At last something worked as planned!!


Maureen said...

These have turned out really nice, Sophie. I use any fabric paint to fancy up gone wrong dyeing, as long as it doesn't alter the 'hand' of the fabric, just said Setacolor because it is handy to get from Spotlight these days. But you did so well with these with this last overdye!

arlee said...

Looks like you're getting a fair bit of work done--and sold :>---Soph--good on ya! Really nice to see!