Friday, February 04, 2005

Rain, rain...

We have had some mammoth rainfalls over the last few days, particularly Wed night. So much so that I had some difficulty getting to work yesterday. It took three different attempts on three different roads, to finally find one that wasn't flooded, had a car accident or was blocked by great big massive trees that had just fallen over! Anyway, turns out I needn't have bothered as when I got there our office had no power and there's not much can be done with no computer these days.

We had spent Wed night at B's Grandma's place (we stay when her daughter is out so she's not alone) which turned out to good thing as where we live there were trees down everywhere and I don't know that I'd have managed to go very far at all with the roads blocked like that. There were still trees down in our street yesterday afternoon when we finally came home to check on our place (which was fine). We live in a street that has centre islands and one way traffic on either side. We got part way down towards our place and couldn't go any further because of a huge tree blocking the road. After reversing back up the stret, I went to go the other way (there's another street that intersects ours) and again got stuck because of another tree down. In the end the only way home was to illegally drive the wrong way down a one way street - but what choice did we have?... Will check this morning if they've been removed yet.

So that was an exciting day. The river near our place was right up and rushing, and lots of people were down there checking it out. It reminded me of home and the way that whenever we got considerable abouts of rain, everone would be down at all the creeks, checking the levels and watching them rising (my Dad in particular).

No more work to show today. I did get to the silk shop to buy some more blank scarves yesterday because I got to leave work early. B and I then went into the city for lunch and a beer (or2) and wandered around some of the shops before coming home to see LOST, the series that everyone has been raving about recently (seems pretty good so far). Today I'm working but tomorrow I've go the day off, so guess what I'm gonna do?? more scarves of course - the ones I've got for sale at work look a little lonely so I need some more to put with them.

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