Sunday, January 30, 2005

Still here...

Not much of interest to report on the textile front at the moment. HAve taken scarves to the dry cleaner to be washed (to remove last of the wax and residue) and ironed. I'll post pics when I get them back (on Monday). Mum u choose the 2 that u want (only if u like them), the rest I'm going to take to work (the aged care hostel) to put on their shop trolley. I'm selling them for $25 and will donate $2 (they only wanted $1) to the hostel. Will buy some more scarves next week and start some more.

Off topic, I've been talking to my brother Z in Buenos Aires this weekend. Before he left he set us all up on Yahoo messenger and he happened to show up while I was online yesterday. I then called Mum and told her and Dad to log in and later we called my other brother so the whole family online. Mum and Dad have a web-cam so I get to see them, and Z had one the other day too so we could see how he was doing also. It's so good to be able to talk and see everybody even on the other side of the world. I think that I too will look at getting a web-cam so that thye can see me when they're talking. Good practice for touch typing too - although I abbreviate everything so I'm not sure how good it is in terms of work.

Have also started my altered book as promised. I've started with the sample workshop in 'Cloth paper scissors' just to play with different medium, but have found that drawing and painting over the gesso'd pages is quite good. Won't post pics 'cause as yet there's nothing worth seeing.

Still havent' uncovered the sewing machine - have promise to do that today. Fully intended to do it yesterday but i'd completely forgotton that I was supposed to be working and thus didn't get anything done. Good thing I dropped by work to do something else (where I was told I was early - ME: "for what?" THEM: "your shift at 2.30..." ME: "Ooops") Ahh well - least I wasn't late!!

Going now...

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