Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Where to now?....

Now that the exhibition is done (well you know what I mean) and the course is over (again, all barring that damned resubmit) it's time to think about what's next.  I've been asked so many times that I decided I should actually give it some thought so that the next time I might be able to answer the question.  This is a bit like New Year Resolutions - lets see how we go this (next) year??

I guess that for the most part things will won't change a great deal.

I do know that I will definitely keep creating - cause that's what I love!!  I think that for the next year at least I'll continue to work on.  I'm thinking that I might do some research into places that could display and sell my work (cafés, library's, shops etc). That could allow some sales and possibly even some commissions.

I'd also like to set up a web-site (a bit more comprehensive than my blog) where I could show and sell my pieces, and hopefully get some commissions that way. B and I have talked about businesses and he's keen to start something that encompasses my textile arts, but I don't really think that we are in a position to make that work just yet, so the web-site might be a god start. 

As for work, I'm not too sure about that either. Things are a bit funny (unusual, not haha) at the moment.  They want me to go full time but they're having trouble paying me each week as it is and I'm only casual at the moment.  B and I have decided that we are going to relocate, so I'm using that as an excuse for looking for another job.  Hopefully I'll be able to get something that is part-time but enough hours to keep me.  Ideally I'd like to work part time and be a textile artist part time and build things up that way (am I dreaming?...)


Nicky said...

Yes you are dreaming - but dreaming is good! Its the first step in making something happen. Don't give up your dream. Think about it every day and focus on it constantly. If you really want to do something then do it... don't stop until you have got to where you want to be. Too often we are talked out of doing what we really want to do and getting a "proper job" and give up all this "art" stuff because its not "safe". What better job is there in the world than sharing your enormous talents with people and inspiring them in the process?
BTW if you need any help with web design then give me a shout and if I can be of any assistance I would be happy to help a fellow textile artist. I noticed on your profile you say textile artist but then you say "thats what you want to be"... that is what you ARE now. You obviously have the talent. Start believing!

Sophie said...

Thanks Nicky!!

I do beleive it now - particularly since the exhibition. I even had business cards that said "Textile Artist" so I should - WILL - go in and change that profile *grin*

And I may just call on you for that webdesign help - THANKS!!! - I'm looking at getting into it over the Christmas break.

And yes I will keep dreaming, but I'm also going to act on those dreams as well. You're right, dreaming is good, it gives us something to work towards *dreams of "real" job as textile artist*