Sunday, November 28, 2004

Stand Sew Tall

Stand Sew Tall


Silk fibres, machine sewing threads, soluble vylene, wool

Silk paper, Machine stitching onto soluble vylene and dissolved

Quite simply this piece of work combines my two passions, the environment and textile arts. It is constructed entirely of stitching onto soluble vylene, which is then dissolved, leaving a mesh of threads. This enables you to look through to the underlying layers as though looking into a forest. The layered effect also allows lights to cast shadows that move as you walks past, enhancing the visual experience.

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arlee said...

Wow--the gallery looks awesome! I think my favourite piece is definitely Stand Sew Tall---serene, mysterious and just wanting to be walked through---if i were Alice in Wonderland, i'd have chosen this rather than a mirror to walk through!!! Again Congrats Sophie!!!