Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ready and Waiting!!

I delivered my work to the gallery yesterday, along with the 8 others in the group.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I had to go to work at lunch time, so when I left all of our work was layed out on the floor, waiting for decisions to be made, hooks to be put in and the time when they could take their place on the wall/plynth/floor.

Apparently it was a very long day - we arrived at 10 (the last person at 11.30), and when I called at 6pm they'd just been kicked out (all finished).  And at that point one person was still working on 3 of her pieces!!

Anyway, I dropped in after work to have a squiz and was amazed!!  They had done a magnificent job and the work looks absolutely stunning!!  As I stood there admiring it, another couple came past and ohhed and ahhed, and turned to me and commented on how good it looked.  I couldn't resist - "some of it's my work - it's from a group I belong to!"  I know, boasting, but I had to!!

And another thing... I've been told that as they were working, a guy walked past and spotted one of my pieces and fell in love with it.  He was promptly given an invitation and told he should come to the opening - apparently he was very keen.  Perhaps I could have my first sale!!!

I'm working this morning, to make up for the time I took off yesterday morning.  I've had the office to myself, so I've printed off a bundle of business cards and cut them all up (with the bosses permission of course!! - there's a first time for everything!).  Now I'm trying to get through to 12.30 when I'm leaving!! (need to make myself beautiful for tonight).

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Maureen said...

Any photos yet, and more importantly, have you sold much of your work?