Thursday, November 18, 2004

Progress report

I had another pamper seesion today. Got my hair cut and a long overdue colour and feel all pretty again. After taking B to work I ended up crashing for 2 hours, waking just in time to pick him up again (it was a short shift). Can't wait for this flu or whatever it is to pass, cause I really need to get my work done.

Anyway, have managed to get stuck into it tonight. I've mapped out all the leaves for strip #2 (now titled Bush... Fire... Regeneration...) and have completed 4 (not all tonight). According to my plan, I've got 4 leaves to go - well actually it's a bit more, cause the upper two are groups, but you get the gist. I'm also going to do a few straight onto the solvy and attach them later, to give the piece another dimension.

I've also drawn up the last foot for the first strip (it too has a title now - "footsteps") and will stitch that as soon as I've done my leaves.

That leaves the dreaded phoenix and then I'm done! Well almost... still need to put my folio together showing the design of each of my pieces (good thing I wrote this journal - it'll help with that), and put the finishing touches on another folio that I need to resubmit. But all of that is the last thing I'll do. The work is more important ATM.

Ok - off to sew again. Machine should have cooled down by now (using the Janome - quicte successfully, but am wary of overheating it, cause I'm stuffed if it stops too!!)

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