Saturday, November 20, 2004

Getting closer...

Footsteps is almost finished!! The last foot, the one that steps off the fabric and onto the wall, is done and is now drying. All that's left there is to attach it, put a rod pocket in the back, and press it.

Bush... Fire... Regeneration... (strip #2) is finished, except for a rod pocket in the top!!

Now it's time to focus on the Phoenix. Still no idea what to do there!! A 20cm square piece and it's causing me the most problem (probably because the idea is to do Phoenix the bird and I don't want to but can't come up with an alternative). Off to start sketching and hope that what I come up with can be achieved tonight!!

Pics later - I promise!!!

1 comment:

arlee said...

Good luck on your opening, Soph. I guess, being on the "other" side of the world from where i am, that tomorrow is the big day. Sleep well---and have fun. The finished works look awesome and i can't wait to see more/all!