Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Almost there!!!

I spoke to the framer today to check in and see when my 2 framed works will be ready. She says that the smaller one should be done this afternoon, and the other, by Friday afternoon. As much as it's killing me to wait, I've decided to leave it til Friday to pick them both up at once (wouldn't have got there today and she's not in tomorrow so it's not really like I made the choice)


Anonymous said...

Having followed your progress through this "term', i'm really curious about the show! I wish you luck and am hoping you will post photos of the finished pieces!

I wish blogging had beeen around when i took my textile arts program in 93---would have been a lot more pleasant keeping track!!

Again, all the best!!! Arlee

Sophie said...

Thanks heaps Arlee!!!

Blogging has been a great outlet and a perfect way of documenting my progress. It's also allowed me to share my work with lots of people (who mostly remain silent) like my parents and friends back home in Queensland.

I will be posting pics of the works, as well as the descriptions that will be on the gallery wall closer to the opening of the exhibition (most likely Tuesday evening) - when they're all finished.

Thanks again for your support - I didn't know anybody else was ready my babbles