Monday, October 25, 2004

Weekend Progress Report

My biggest task last weekend was to get the framing arrangements for my silhouetted trees project sorted, so that I could comfortably move onto the other similar project, knowing that I will be bale to get it framed as I had planned (in layers, with gaps between).


After visiting one framing place where the guy who was there too k one look at it and said that he'd have to get the boss to have a look at it - would I mind leaving it there till he got back in 2 weeks time, and finding the second place closed, I went to a place in Richmond where you can either do it yourself, or let them do it for you.  The lady there was extremely helpful and seemed confident that it could be done, and would be keen to do the other piece as well.  Her rough quote - somewhere between $300 and $400.  I'd kinda expected the $300 as it is both fidly and large so it wasn't really all that surprising.  Also if she does the second piece, she's said that it should be a bit cheaper most of the problems will already have been solved. 


So now I'm ready to get started on the second silhouetted trees piece.  I've checked on the measurements of standard matboard sheets this time (the other one needs over-sized stuff, that's dearer and needs to be ordered in) so that should keep the costs down a bit


I did a small sample for trees #2 on the weekend and have decided that I need to give it some more thought.  My idea was to do this in green and use a zig-zag stitch to create a leafy effect.  Problem is, when you do zig-zag on soluble fabric, that's loose and leafy, it doesn't stay zig-zag when you dissolve it!!!!  So the idea now is the use either a sheer fabric and heat it (to get the wholes) or snippets of sheers, or tulle/netting, or be more careful to overlap my lines of zig-zag in more of a grid form so that it's all connected = more samples!!!


I also now have al my fabrics and threads dyed for strip piece #2 - no framing here thank goodness!!  Now it's just a matter of laying them out and piecing them together.


Other than that there's not a lot of other progress to report.  I spent Sunday cleaning the house (again my work had taken over 2 rooms (in addition to the spare room which is now referred to as my sewing room) and getting it back to normal.  I still need to get in and clean the spare room, so that I can actually work in it, and also so that my parents have somewhere to stay when they get here.  Might give that a go tonight and then get down to work on Tuesday evening.


This weeks goals:


  • Piece together fabrics for strip #2
  • Draw/cut-out/layout leaf patterns for strip #2
  • Solve stitching/dissolving problems for trees #2
  • Make spare room livable and workable
  • Get MOST of stitching of trees #2 completed (enough so that it can be finished by the end of the weekend)



  • Make spare room livable and workable



  • Draw/cut-out leaf patterns for strip #2
  • Solve stitching/dissolving problems for trees #2



  • Piece together fabrics for strip #2
  • layout leaf patterns for strip #2



  • Stitching of trees #2



  • Work on footprints





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