Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I did it!!!!!

I actually met my goal this weekend - well... almost...  I said that I'd have my silhouetted trees piece finished by Thursday evening.  I didn't quite manage that, but I did have it done by Saturday evening!!

That's 2 down, a third nearly done and 2 to go!! The end is in sight!!

After talking to my Tutor on Friday, I have made a few decisions about the remining pieces. 

  • One will be another silhouetted trees piece, this time in greens and browns and with foliage as well (I've got some sampling to do there); and
  • The other will be in the same vein as the footsteps piece, in as much as I'll be dyeing fabrics and peicing them together in a similar way.  This time the image will be leave (I think) and the timeline will be that of a fire burning through bush - from old growth, to burning, to burnt, to regrowth, to old growth again.

If I get time I may even do another piece to replace the figures, as I've got some ideas for a third silhouette.

So... seeing that my goal setting was effective last week, here are this weeks goals - lets see how we go....

  • Monday evening  - do dye samples

                        - Wash fabric ready for dyeing on Tuesday
                        - dissolve soluble vylene from trees and lay out to dry

  • Tuesday evening         - wash and dry dye samples and decide on colours

                        - Dye fabric for next strip piece

  • Wednesday evening       - wash and dry dyed fabrics

                        - draw up image for strip (leaves) and do sample layout
                        - draw images onto freezer paper for laying out

  • Thursday        - Take silhouetted trees (1) to framer for framing

                - Get soluble vylene from MacPhersons
                - get threads for silhouetted trees (2) from spotlight
                - get threads for leaves strip
                - Piece strip together
                - layout images
                - sample stitching for silhouetted trees (2)

I think I may be a bit toooo ambitious here, but I do need to get them done ASAP!!  Only a week and a half till the photographer comes, so I NEED TO DO THIS!!!

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